Our Vision

To provide you, your group, your clients or your family the best retreat or vacation ever!

Meet the Crew

We have put together an excellent crew, both boat crew and instructors,  who have the expertise to help your Retreat to be a success!

Lead Skipper Ross Lysinger

Ross was born in Newport, Rhode Island with salt air in his lungs since birth. He began sailing in Annapolis, Maryland when he was 6 years old and was winning at single hand racing by the age of 10. Throughout high school and college, he raced and cruised a wide variety of boats both as skipper and crew including his first week in the British Virgin Islands at 16.

While obtaining a B.S. in Marine Biology and a M.S. in Marine Science, he spent many days on board research vessels and hours underwater as a research diver.

With a 100 ton USCG masters license, he both skippered full time and delivered yachts throughout the western Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Eastern Pacific. This included 6 years based in St, Thomas on a 72 ft ketch. As owner’s representative (Thomas J.Watson JR – owner) and Captain of Palawan (Little Harbor 75 ft custom sloop), he oversaw the construction and then sailed this yacht for 5 years with many high profile guests. He has also skippered motor yachts and commercial vessels to 150 ft. He enjoys taking guests to “secret spots,” helping them with understanding the marine environment and teaching as much sailing and navigation as his guests would like to learn. For the last 7 years, Ross has been operating his own charter businesses –  Active Cruising and Yacht Retreats –  specializing in niche yacht retreats and repeat private groups in The BVI, Cuba the Bahamas and other fantastic sailing locations around the world.

Lead Chef/Mate – Lauren “Ren” Bourgault







Ren will prepare you and your group delicious meals incorporating both her diverse Chef experiences and locally available provisions. She has served as Chef on both motor and sailing yachts up to 120 ft from the Caribbean to East Coast to California. In addition, she has been a chef in personal residences in Nantucket and worked as a Chef in Charleston, SC restaurants.

Her sailing and yachting experience includes over 50,000 sea miles from Alaska to Mexico, Maine to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

A sample of her Caribbean menu is here – Ren’s Menu

Our Partner Sovereign Souls: Offering you a fusion of YOGA, MEDITATION, SOUND HEALING, OILS & CACAO! 

Meet the faces behind Sovereign Souls, Jessica Golden of Sovereign Essence and Candace Blair of Soul Fire Social. Together, they fuse the best of their individual practices inspiring clients to elevate mind, body & soul. Now, collaborating with Captain Ross of Yacht Retreat, they aim to bring you the Ultimate, All-Inclusive Yoga & Sailing Experience offering everything from Vinyasa, Kundalini, Buti, Restorative & SUP Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Healing, Cacao & Fire Ceremonies, Essential Oil Workshops, Chakra Clearing & Cleansing, Ecstatic Dance & much more.

Join the Evolution… 
Jes, creator and founder of Sovereign Essence, is a 200hr RYT, SUP Yoga, BUTI Yoga teacher and has also completed her Baptiste Level One certification. In addition to her yoga teachings she is a doTerra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate and a Mala jewelry maker. Life before yoga, Jes worked in NYC as a Marketing Project Manager for a private bank and then transitioned back to her home town in upstate to fulfill her passion for art by opening up a contemporary art gallery.  After years in the art business she then decided to journey out to Aspen before settling down in Hilton Head, South Carolina where she dove into the watersports arena, opening a full fleet marine business.  She is a certified master USCG boat captain. During her time in the watersports world, Jes became a certified yoga instructor and began pursuing her passion for health and wellness. In 2017, she decided to focus full time on her yoga & mala business opening, Sovereign Essence. Her eclectic background allows her to infuse everything she does with creativity and passion. Jessica is truly committed to empowering and inspiring her clients, and feels that by joining forces with Candace, another, sovereign soul, they can truly help people to elevate the mind, body, soul connection.
Candace Blair, founder of Soul Fire Social, is a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher. She trained under Rebekah Shaman and is a certified “Cacaoista” offering Sacred Cacao Ceremonies and Heart Opening Meditations with ceremonial chocolate. She is a sound healer who specializes in ancient gongs, bowls and bells. Prior to becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Candace spent 23 years as a finance executive on trading floors in Europe and these ancients teachings allowed her to excel at her career, managing stress and creating a powerful work-life balance. They also opened her up to a whole new world of experiences and a more empowered, beautiful way of living. She returned back to the USA in October 2017 to create Soul Fire Social, a platform for sharing her passions with the community. Meeting Jes, souls aligned, and the Sovereign Souls collaboration was born. Together, they offer students the opportunity for new experiences, surrendering what no longer serves them and liberating with bliss & joy!! This inspired their tagline, “Join the evolution! Don’t Retreat, Evolve”.

ST. JOHN, USVI Yoga Instructor – Jen Endicott

Jen describes herself as a recovering Type-A personality; a gal who couldn’t sit still.  In fact, she once said, “the only place I’m able to relax and feel at peace is at the beach”, far from where she was in Colorado at the time. Back then practicing yoga never really came to mind.  When she eventually decided to try out yoga it wasn’t to relax but rather be more flexible and touch her unreachable toes. Years later and still unable to touch her toes Jen was feeling stressed due to leaving a stable corporate America job to pursue a career in her passion of fitness. It was then Jen decided to add yoga into her weekly strength training regimen to assist with stress management and of course, address those unreachable toes.  As a yoga student, she was leaving sessions feeling uplifted, inspired and calm. It was on the mat where Jen learned to be accepting of her self-described Type-A tendencies and cope with the stress of her career change. Jen was beginning to feel the same peace she mentioned feeling when relaxing at the beach.  Jen shares she will always be a student of yoga but as a yoga teacher, Jen strives to provide an inviting environment to all levels, those who can and cannot touch their toes. Her sequences are designed to assist in building strength, flexibility and balance as well as increasing awareness. Jen’s hope is you leave the mat feeling refreshed, centered, and strong and connected to mind, body and soul.

BVI Abby Young – Yoga and SUP Yoga Instructor

Abigail teaches in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, to a wide range of clientele. From the very athletic to the novice to the disabled, it’s her joy to share the gift of Yoga with those open for reception.

Abigail began her journey into the lifestyle of yoga as a child, with her parents teaching her asana as a youth on their communal living room floor. It stuck with her over the years and she became dedicated to a regular practice some 20 years ago.

Abby, as her freinds like to call her, began teaching in 2006 and became certified three years later through Frog Lotus Yoga International. She opened a studio in Ann Arbor Michigan shortly after. Her classes exude joy and a passion to help students find something deeper in their lives.

Feeling the need to live somewhere less hectic and somewhere that the warm air hugs you, she moved to the Caribbean. Once in the BVI, Abby found the joy of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and quickly saw the benefits of bringing her practice with her out on the water. Shortly thereafter, she became certified in SUP safety and to teach SUP yoga.

Abby now works for a company on Tortola, Breeze Paddle Surf, and teaches SUP yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga and more.